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2010-12-09 01:04:46 by dondrummer

This account is dead.
My new account is MrPokeahole.
Thankyou for your support, so please go to that account and rate review and favourite! :D


2010-09-18 20:36:11 by dondrummer

Hai Gaiz.
I dont use newgrounds much anymore. infact I think this like my 3rd time on the site this year. :P So umm. Y eah. MrPokeahole is my youtube account. BAIZ!

grrrr Zero Bombers....

2010-04-25 01:23:27 by dondrummer

ZERO BOMBERS! i hate em. Now my new song has 0.50 out of 5 and it was the hardest song i ver worked on. DAMMIT!


2009-10-28 02:32:11 by dondrummer

Hello! I am making a Flash called MilliSoft Windows Gold. It will be a LOT more professional then the others so I hope you like it. I am up to the login screen. Not much from FL at the moment. Expect a demo soonish.

December 9th, 2009 EDIT: OK, Almost finised Internet Explorer (called InterSilverNet Adventurer).
April 25th, 2010 EDIT: Sorry... Lost the .fla file...


2009-09-05 17:20:35 by dondrummer

Sorry I havent done anything in a while but i'm working on a new flash and some new songs, one is already submitted and its called Master Hit. Check it out!


2009-07-02 16:39:29 by dondrummer

Translation: MicroCrap Windows Pear can go get stuffed for all i care. For now I am making Boys vs Girls 2!
Yep. Flash was being ass, so i closed wifout saving, got annoyed and probably wont come back to it for a while. So BVG2 is being made.

MicroCrap Windows Pear 1.5!

2009-06-24 06:35:23 by dondrummer

MCWP is being totally revamped (but dont expect a complete overhaul, most of the changes are under the bonnet, hence the name 1.5)! On Internut you can watch 2 videos and 3 songs on newgrounds and i'm currently working on youtube. Any vid ideas 4 youtube, comment
I have changed the start button as well, the edges are curved and i changed the font and its not in caps, looks much more proffesional. I MIGHT add another program, but i'm still thinking about it. Any ither ideas would be much appreciated, so comment. anyways gtg, so, COMMENT!

New song

2009-06-14 02:20:54 by dondrummer

Hey evryone!
Yes so lately its all been about flash, so i opened FL again and started a new projects. I'm about halfway through(so far its like0:56 seconds or something) and this i have used 3xOSC (not the arps). Its called None and its most likely to be a grunge.
Coming soon......
Keep your eyse peeled( but dont actually peel them lol :p)
I'm getting kinda bored wif flash so anyone wants to collaborate (music, art etcera etcera) pm mwah.

edit: None was already taken, i called it Dust on the Sand


2009-05-10 00:52:10 by dondrummer

EDIT: hELLO AGAIN! I found out how to make a home, back, forward and refresh button so i got dem aswell! :)

Oh YES! I made my own Web Browser and i'm using at right now! Its really basic. It only has an address bar, go button and of course the browser, but still, Its functional!


2009-04-26 19:19:18 by dondrummer

Ok first of all let me start from the beginning. I download 2 new plugins for FL, Monomate and Peqach both by Tweakbench. I was qu8ite satisfied and so i installed to 2 other plugins by Tweakebench, Toad and Ritual. But that was when the chaos began. Suddenly FL Studio started going slow, eating up as much memory as it could, and giving my projects clippings like never before. I uninstalled toad and ritual, but it was still going gay. So i uninstalled and installed FL again and there was clippings, but certainly not as bad as before. So i refreshed FL and i got Monomate and Peach back, but as soon as I did that the clippings returned and FL is being gay! I uninstalled it AGAIN and thats the way its is at the moment. Anyone have anyways i can troubleshoot this problem? It would be a lot of help.
dondrummer :(